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Southern Maine is the rock climbing vortex of the    world.  That is why the Rock Climbing Sanctuary       has been established here.

A Vortex is a giant magnet of energy. Positively          charged vortexes have feminine attributes: nurturing,     calming or yin. Negatively charged 

vortexes are masculine, active, energizing, or yang. 

This makes southern Maine very powerful energetically. 


There are also many lesser vortexes on the planet.  

When linking into sites through this sanctuary, you              are literally moving in and out of positive and negative magnetic energy fields. The obvious advantage is,  that         at any moment, you can go to the specific 

energy (rock climbing web site) that you require. 

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The Ultimate Adventure Hat

The Ultimate Adventure Hat Complete sun protection and great looks. Khaki or Periwinkle. $35.00

"A Woman's Place Is On Top"
T-shirt. Every woman should have one.

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Planet Earth Rock Climbing Sanctuary

In the middle 

of difficulty... 

lies opportunity 

                 - Albert Einstein