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         The High Commander's Rock and Ice Climbing Page

The Quarry - Portland

New Gloucester - Ice

Maine Rock Gym


Tuckerman's Ravine

New England Ice



Above: The renowned symbol of the High Commander.

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February 2005




"In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity..."

                         Albert Einstein















Photo Above: Jeff on the Taku Glacier in Alaska.


Top Right Photo:  Jeff climbing with son, Todd (on belay), at Grafton Notch, Maine.


Bottom Right Photo:   Jeff preparing for a climb at Cathedral Ledge, NH.






DISCLAIMER:  Climbing is dangerous, and you should always climb within your ability, after carefully judging the safety of the route.  Failure for you to follow these conditions may result in injury or death.  We are not responsible for your actions, neither is your Mommy.  You are responsible - so be safe.