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Southern Maine/NH  

The Quarry - Portland


Climbing Lessons at the Quarry - E-mail Glenn

Fort Williams

New Gloucester - Ice Site

Cathedral Ledge

Tuckerman's Ravine

Northman Systems

Maine Rock Gym

Cathedral Ledge Web Cam

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Ted Nugent

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The logo above is the symbol of the High Commander.

It represents the sun rising over the mountains in winter and summer.

Rock and ice are base elements for equilibrium in the High Commander's life

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      A Vortex is a giant  magnet of energy. Positively charged vortexes have feminine attributes: nurturing, calming or yin. [Negatively charged  vortexes are masculine, active, energizing, or yang. This makes southern Maine very powerful energetically. 


There are also many lesser vortexes on the planet.  

When linking into sites through this sanctuary, 

you are literally moving in and out of positive and negative magnetic energy fields. The obvious advantage is,  that at any moment, you can go to the specific energy (rock climbing web site) that 

you require. 

Southern Maine is the rock climbing vortex of the world.  That is why the Rock Climbing Sanctuary  has been established here.

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Last Updated

July 2003

Pictured above is Jeff Burgess, the High Commander, on the Taku Glacier in Alaska - July 2, 2003


At right is Jeff At Cathedral Ledge, NH

at Cathedral Ledge, NH

(photo by Glenn Vaillancourt). 


"Those who can, do.

Those who can't, criticize."

                                                   Unknown Author




DISCLAIMER: Climbing is inherently dangerous. You could be seriously injured or killed climbing. No amount of instruction or expertise can eliminate these hazards. The High Commander encourages all climbers  to seek proper instruction before climbing. Proper use of gear is the responsibility of the user. There are some aspects of climbing risks that can be mitigated with proper training and good decision making. However, climbing smart cannot eliminate all the risks and hazards of climbing.  The High Commander will not accept responsibility for damages, injury or death resulting from misuse of this web page. You are ultimately responsible for your own actions and decisions.



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