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   Planet Earth Rock Climbing Sanctuary


        The Planet Earth Rock Climbing Webring site owned by                 The High Commander of the Sanctuary 

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The Planet Earth Rock Climbing Webring was created in January 2000 as the Webring for any cutting-edge webpage on the internet which has rock or ice climbing information content. This includes ROCK CLIMBING and ICE CLIMBING. The ring is an easy-to-navigate loop of climbing information websites.  The aim of  this webring is to increase visitors to sites and to link all the climbing information pages together.

If you would like to apply to have your site added to this  climbing Webring, please follow these 3 easy steps:

Step 1 - Apply 

Join now by filling out the APPLICATION FORM (click for link to form). Your site will be submitted for consideration by myself, the High Commander of the Rock Climbing Sanctuary. You will be sent a confirmation e-mail to say that you are in the queue.  If I deem your site to be suitable for participation in the webring, it will be entered.  When your site is in the ring you will be sent another confirmation e-mail, this time saying you have been entered into the ring.

Please note: The only qualifications a site needs to join the webring is information on climbing. However, the High Commander reserves the right to decide which sites join the ring. Commercial sites will also be permitted providing they have some information on climbing other than their products.

Step 2 - HTML Code

Copy and paste the HTML below onto the 'home' page of your web site (this is the page named "index.htm, index.html, default.htm or default.html") :

 HTML comment

NOTE: This is a generic, default HTMLfragment - modify me or remove this line.

This is an HTML fragment to be pasted at the bottom of your webpage for the Planet Earth Rock Climbing Webring.  It is what links you to the rest of the ring. :)

End HTML comment -->



This <a href="">Planet Earth Rock Climbing Webring</a> site owned by <a href=""> the High Commander of the Sanctuary</a>.



<a href=";id=          - Your ID Here -;prev5">Previous 5 Sites</a>


<a href=";id=          - Your ID Here -;prev">Previous</a>


<a href=";id=          - Your ID Here -;next">Next</a>


<a href=";id=          - Your ID Here -;next5">Next 5 Sites</a>


<a href=";random">Random Site</a>


<a href=";list">List Sites</a>




Step 3 - Modify Code

Modify the HTML for your site in the above HTML where it says "- Yout ID Here -" you must insert your site ID in this space.  Your Site ID is a number.  For instance, my Site ID is "1".  There may be 11 sites in the ring os your Site ID may be "12, 13. or 14".  Your Site ID will be given to you in an confirmation e-mail that is sent to you after your site is placed in the queue.  You then must upload your modified index page to your webpage server.  When the webring links are on your site I will check to see that it conforms with the aims of the ring and then add it to the ring.

Thank you for joining!  This is how the webring links will look on your page: