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Rock Climbing Sanctuary

































 Rare photo of Norm top-roping.

At a crux move on the backside.







                                                   Tracy climbing on the backside.                                                                                






For detailed information about the Quarry, please click onto the following links.


Site Map

Main Wall

Left Wall

Right Wall


Left Back Wall

(Quarry photos by Glenn Vaillancourt)


The Quarry, which is only 10 minutes from downtown Portland, has three main walls which form a U.  It features several 25-60' beginner to intermediate 

routes.  Some routes have bolted protection. The Quarry is a perfect practice area for top-roping or for lead climbing, and offers great bouldering as well.

There is also a wall on  the backside of the Quarry but that areas has a lot of rotten rock.







A map with directions to the Quarry can be found HERE.

The Quarry - Portland, Maine


 Chased out of the Quarry by Portland PD???  E-Mail me.


Glenn on the Flake.                              Jeff at the crux overhand 

                                                                 on High Commander.

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Tracy at the crux 

on the Standard Route.

Jeff leading on Private Property.