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R.I.C.A. will supply all of the technical gear

for your climb.  Students are respon-

sible for their own transportation,

lunch, water, sunglasses, appropriate

clothing, and other personal items.



ROCK CLIMBING (equipment included)


1/2 Day Climb and Rappel            $50

Short intro. to climbing and top-roping.


Basic Intro. to Climbing               $75

Protection and anchor placement.

5.3 rated climb.   Full-Day.


Intermediate Climbing                $100

Learning to lead.

5.3 - 5.6 rated climb.  Full-Day.





     Glenn breaks through into an ice cave.


ICE CLIMBING (equipment included)


1/2 Day Climb and Rappel           $75

Short introduction to ice climbing and


Grade 2 - 3 climb.


Basic Intro. to Ice Climbing         $125

Protection and anchor placement.

Grade 3 climb.  Full-Day.


Intermediate Climbing                  $150

Learning to lead.

Grade 3 - 4 climb.  Full-Day.




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